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Jonas B. Cooke Interests, Inc., headquartered in the Washington, DC area, is a privately held real estate development and investment organization with experience in the development of multi-family, hotel, office, and industrial properties through out the Middle Atlantic region. The firm was founded in the early 1980’s by Jonas B. Cooke, its president. The firm takes pride in the development of its properties by creating innovation and excellence in its projects, delivering them on-time and within budget, and backing them with integrity, dedication, and a commitment to quality.

The organization strives to maintain low overhead costs by out-sourcing many functions that traditional development organizations of the past maintained, thus reducing the need for a large, permanent staff. This allows the firm to be cost competitive and to use the best talents available. The organization utilizes top rated firms to be part of a strong, experienced development team which is comprised of architects and engineers, a general contractor, market and financial consultants, a management organization, and marketing/sales/leasing professionals.

The firm is committed to excellence in serving its investors, partners, and customers. The organization has raised millions of dollars for its projects from major financial institutions and has “partnered” with such corporations as Royal Dutch Shell which ranks among the top five largest firms in the world. The firm has the capability to provide Build-to-Own and Build-to-Suit arrangements for clients.

Jonas B. Cooke Interests, Inc. selects strong market areas and identifies viable sites in strategic locations for its building projects. This, combined with a talent rich development team and a strong attention to detail, allows Jonas B. Cooke Interests, Inc. to bring a project from concept to fruition of which all involved will be proud.

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